Welding Equipment



Sumig fvs-450


CC/CV Voltage Sensing
400 Amps @ 100% duty cycle
Metal Drive Roll Housing
Direct Drive 4 drive roll system
IP-23S environment protective case
Polarity Indicator
Purge and Inch controls
Built In Flowmeter
T2 & T4 Trigger Switch Controls


Field Erection
Heavy Equipment Repairs
Hard-facing & Cladding Application
Welder/Generator Conversion To MIG


Welding Equipment

In 1980, SUMIG started as a manufacturer of quality line of competitively priced MIG products to answer the need of fabricators in southern Brazil. The customer centric approach was key to SUMIG’s rapid growth to become the market share leader in Brazil. The second family generation became key members of the management team utilizing the same “customer centric” vision and leveraging those qualities globally. Challenged by our customer and listening to our team, SUMIG has expanded into new product segments and geography. We have drawn on our basic welding products and knowledge and developed unique automation and robotic systems demanded by customers needing high productivity. We have been able to grow internationally by partnering with local distributors in various countries.

Our USA corporate office and warehouse manages our business for North American operations for Canada, USA and Mexico. The decision to be closer to our customers allows us to quickly respond to their needs and have product delivered when needed. Our knowledgeable sales team and dedicated agents work with distribution to fit the right products to the right applications. We are continuing to grow with our distribution partners combining our strengths to better service customers.

Quality, technology, support and trust: through these concepts we will continue to help our customers grow.


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