Inspection Arsenal


ICG is pleased to represent Inspection Arsenal™ for CMM inspection, vision inspection AND Laser Arsenal™ for laser engraving fixtures.

Modular, magnetically interlocking, easy to implement, quick-swap fixture solution designed to help break workflow bottlenecks!

Bliss Press

We are pleased to announce that ICG has been selected as the Ontario representative for Bliss Press USA., Hastings, Michigan.

Bliss press models range from 60 to 630 metric tons and are available in Single Point Gap Frame, Two Point Gap Frame, and Straight Side design.



ICG is pleased to announce the addition of the Swivellink® line of products to our  offerings.  Swivellink® is a world leader in flexible mounting of automation components such as cameras, lighting, stack lighting, proximity sensors and others.  In adddition, Swivellink® has solutions for conveyors, EOAT and industrial guarding.