LED Signal Towers & Lighting


Explosion Proof Lighting


Industrial LED Work Light

Panel mounted LED work light series, LED work light series that are suitable for machine tool equipment with excellent durability and water/ oil proof.

Special Controllable Signaling System: Wireless/USB Interface/ Ethernet Tower Lights

Wireless network system that remotely monitor and control the operation status of a signaling device through a PC or smartphone. Ethernet LED signal tower connected and controlled by TCP/IP Ethernet communication through internet or LAN/USB interface LED signal tower powered by PC’s USB port.

Audible and Visual Signaling System for General Use : Signal Tower Lights, Warning Lights, Audible Alarms

Signal tower lights offering varied designs with built-in sounds options of buzzer sounds, warning sounds, melody, alarm sound. Signal lights and warning lights with varied size options from Ø50mm to Ø180mm.

Waterproof/ Explosion Proof Signaling Systems

Heavy duty signaling products that features excellent vibration proof, shock resistance, waterproof. Explosion
proof signaling products used in places where lingering explosive gas/chemicals pose a higher risk for fire and

Aviation Obstruction Lights

Aviation lights applying LED light bulbs with semi-permanent lifetime product can meet the mid, low brightness
and flame proof standards.

CAD drawings available on request.