CMM Inspection Fixturing



  • Radial Loc-N-Load™ Plate - Inch

  • Modular Tower System for CMM inspection

  • Portable Gage Arm - Inch or Metric

  • Optical Comparator - Inch or Metric

  • Stand-off 16-pc Set - Inch or Metric

  • Rapid-LOC™ Pneumatic Vise - Inch or Metric

  • Air Glide (Inch)



Easy-to-use, ready-made, LEAN fixture plates and clamps

Inspection Arsenal™ for CMM inspection, vision inspection AND Laser Arsenal™ for laser engraving fixtures.

Modular, magnetically interlocking, easy to implement, quick-swap fixture solution designed to help break workflow bottlenecks!

You are guaranteed to process more parts per shift with these LEAN, low-cost solutions.